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Gardening can be an excellent method of improving your living space, the environment, and our planet. This video by “TEO Garden,” shows you how to simply create beautiful flowerpots out of plastic bottles! So, instead of buying plastic pots, take a little bit of time and reuse the plastic that you already have on hand. 

The process of creating your custom flower pots is amazingly easy. Here is what you need. 

Supplies Needed 

  • One or two two-liter plastic bottles 
  • Cutting tools; Exacto knife and scissors 
  • Spray paint 
  • Pucher tools, such as soldering iron 

Get started! 

Once your plastic bottles are collected, clean them thoroughly of any residue. Once they are dried you are ready to start. 


Use your Exacto knife to cut along the perimeter of the upper midsection of the bottle, then use a pair of craft scissors to cut an even strip of plastic. This strip should form an even circle (Bracelet size) set to the side. You can now discard the top portion of the plastic bottle. Next concerning the main portion of the plastic bottle, take your scissors and cut even strips from opening to approximately 4 inches. It’s important to keep the plastic strips connected to the base of the plastic bottle. Once that task is completed, return the bracelet size plastic band to the bottle. When the strip is placed around the lower midsection, you will take the connected strip to tuck under the band. Once all strips are tucked you are done with the assembling. Be sure to refer back to “TEO   Garden,” for a real-time demonstration.  Now all that is needed is to decorate. 


The decorating process is entirely up to you. For a more cohesive look, consider pops of accent colors that will coordinate with your space, whether outdoors or indoors. If you are unsure of coordinated colors for your space, look into color wheels that use a combination of art and science to determine what matches perfectly. Nevertheless, express yourself how you see fit. 

Once your spray paint dries, take your puncher tool; in this case, a soldering tool will work best. Make four to five holes on the bottom of your bottle to create a draining system for excess water to escape.  

At this time you are free to add potting soil of your choosing and your desired flower plants. The plastic bottle pots give you the flexibility to add many small or a couple of larger flowers.