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October 20th is National Reuse Day. Here are seven ways that you can celebrate today and every day:

Donate Old Clothes and Great Items You Don’t Need

Get rid of clutter and things that no longer “spark joy” for you…spread the joy to someone else! Your gently-used donations make us very happy and fuel the engine that helps us accomplish our mission every day!

Use Reusable Tumblers, Cups, Plates, and Silverware

It can be tempting to skip the washing and go for the plastic and paper. But consider the elegance that comes with glass, ceramics, and silverware on the table.

Pickup Reusable Shopping Bags or Totes

You can cut out so much waste by grabbing a reusable bag or tote when doing your shopping or your grocery run.

Use Reusable Containers and Jars

Who knew that your Grandma, who stored the beans in the butter tub, the leftover mashed potatoes in the whipped topping container…and the sewing needles in the cookie tin, was just a creative reuser before it was cool? Go, Gram!

mason jar

Get a Reusable Straw

Paper straws are getting better, but a reusable straw is cooler.

reusable straw scrap exchange national reuse day

Reuse Your Holiday Decorations or Buy Preowned Ones

Some of the best holiday memories may be the ones you make with the things you already have or the things that someone else used to own!

Shop Thrift

Reuse? That’s our jam. We’re here for you. Stop by! See you soon!

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