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2016 is the Scrap Exchange’s 25th anniversary year! Come celebrate this exciting milestone at Scrapiversary on December 16th from 6-9 pm. This free event will be held at The Scrap Exchange, 2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham.

What is Scrapiversary?

Time Capsule Opening: 50 years ago a time capsule was buried outside of The Center Theater, which is now the home of The Scrap Exchange. At 7:30pm we will unearth and open this time capsule to see what secrets were buried long ago! These objects will become part of the gallery show celebrating our history.


Unpacking the Past, Designing the Future: The Scrap Exchange and Lakewood in Partnership: In the Cameron Gallery, we will kick off a show that explores the history of Lakewood and The Scrap Exchange. At the turn of the century, Lakewood was the end of the line for Durham’s trolley line, and it was an amusement park. This site has evolved greatly over time, and we’d like to share this evolution with you. This exhibit will tell the story of Lakewood, as well as the Scrap Exchange’s colorful history and our exciting plans for the future of the area.

Special Guest Speakers: Prior to the time capsule opening, we will hear from special guest speakers, who will reflect on the impact of The Scrap Exchange on Durham, as well as explore Lakewood Shopping Center’s fascinating history.

Food, Drink, Fun! : Scrapiversary is first and foremost a celebration! There will be lots of fun activities, food, drink, music, and more. This event is FREE to the public. We really hope to see you there!

Thanks to our special sponsors!