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We at the Scrap Exchange continue to be appalled by the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. We are keenly aware that continual, racially motivated injustices endured by communities of color are rarely captured on camera or thrust onto a national stage.

At the risk of seeming complacent, we chose to delay social media campaigns, emails and statements. We don’t want to drown out the marginalized voices that are just starting to be heard at a volume reflective of their long-standing pain. You’re finally getting the attention from a nation that has too many times chosen indifference. We understand that right now communities of color need the platforms to voice their struggle and space to process their exhaustion since stories like this are not new. Our voice will not dilute your message or the righteous indignation we all feel with simple virtue signaling. We instead put well-meaning words into action, looking inside our own walls to embody the change we know is needed.

The Scrap Exchange recognizes our own commitment to change and this involves real, meaningful work to have a board, leadership and staff that reflects the community we serve and models equity in action. We will be here, quietly creating an environment where communities of color feel welcomed and resisting the temptation to highlight our journey or drown out important voices that need to be heard right now. Tokenism is as harmful to the community as complacency and it’s not the time for more words.

We see you. We care about you. We seek to create a safe space for all.