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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. After the major shifts in our way of life last year and the daily stressors that continue today, establishing and maintaining best mental health practices are on everyone’s radar.

There are several reasons that having good mental health is important. Letting conditions like anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt, and resentment can spill over into depression and burnout which can affect your general health, negatively affect your immunity and impact your overall quality of life. It is important to regularly take time to take a step back to gain some perspective if life starts to get a little harried. The Scrap Exchange cares about our community. Below are five ways we can help with that:

Take a Walk

Through our community garden and around our campus. Our community members have worked hard to provide a delightful, little gardenscape right in the heart of the Bull City. Walking isn’t just about exercise, it is also about connecting with beauty and nature. Grab your journal, take a leisurely stroll or sit at a colorful picnic table and reflect on the things that are most important to you to put things in perspective and recharge during or after a trying day. Just 15-20 minutes of checking out the vegetation, repurposed structures, and expressive murals, can help to breathe new life into your vibe.

Retail Therapy

We know you are not materialistic, but sometimes shopping really works to deliver a quick, fun win and give you a boost to your mood. A big positive about having a regular retail excursion at the Scrap Exchange is that your treasure hunting will always be fresh and exciting and your cool finds won’t break the bank! (Not to mention loyalty points will let you save even more!) You can check out some of our reviews below for relief others have gained from a quick trip through our Thrift and Reuse Arts Shops. If you want something a little higher-end, our Artist’s Marketplace might be for you. There are many one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to put you in a state of wonder.

Take a Class

Sometimes the key to destress is to learn something new. Even learning a common skill from a fresh or different vantage point can be inspiring and refreshing. The Scrap Exchange offers online creative classes that cover a wide range of practical topics, with more to come. You can purchase one seat in the class, but why not purchase two? You can call a friend you haven’t seen in a while, even connect with a family member from across the country. Pick up a resource kit for them and send it to them just in time for both to have a fun, creative, and active video session that you’ll both enjoy. Join our newsletter and we will let you know the moment we add new classes!

Declutter and Organize Kondo Style

Life is tough enough. There is no need to add overwhelm to your living and workspaces or the extra 10 minutes it takes to find your keys when you wanted to leave on time. Why not declutter and let anything that doesn’t “spark joy” go to someone else that might find it delightful? Schedule a donation appointment today and let it be your future deadline for your own personal Mission: Organization or decluttering plan of attack. You deserve to be able to find your favorite jacket and free much-needed closet space. Pick an appointment date today.

Get Creative

Have you been meaning to learn how to knit, how to sew, how to paint with acrylics, or take more time to work on your sketching? Maybe you also were thinking about trying out some interesting fashion ideas on low-cost clothing items? Maybe even paint some furniture in traditional or funky colors. You can find everything you need for a perfect creative outlet at the Scrap Exchange. Having a project to express your creative side gives you something to look forward to and can really speed you through a long, treacherous day. The mental boost from seeing what you can accomplish when given the freedom to create and the resources to expand your skill is just the kind of de-stressor you have been in the market for. Pick a project. Get your supplies and make it happen.