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The Scrap Exchange is gearing up to host their Grand Re-Opening of the Cameron Art Gallery and Marketplace.  The ribbon cutting event will be held on Saturday, February 22nd at 12pm. After tireless efforts, our Cameron Gallery has been reimagined and its Artist Marketplace is opening at the Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC to showcase local artists in our boutique store. We invite local residents and visitors to attend our ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring VIP community leaders and local artisan gifts for sale. Attendees will have the opportunity to support an iconic, local non-profit and celebrate Durham’s newest sustainable retail venture!

 “We are excited to showcase a wider variety of local artists and offer a boutique retail experience that celebrates sustainability and reuse.  These works help amplify The Scrap Exchange’s mission of promoting creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse,” Executive Director, Laura Nicholson says of the exciting new endeavor. The Scrap Exchange has been dedicated to creating awareness and teaching others to positively impact the environment.

Since its beginning in 1991, The Scrap Exchange has made a notable impact on the Durham community through waste diversion and promoting the new arena of creative reuse. The organization boasts the largest creative reuse center in the world and provides low cost supplies to artists and teachers across the community. Their mission to promote creativity, environmental awareness and community involvement has created green jobs and workplace development opportunities through partnerships across Durham. The Scrap Exchange has become an economic engine for entrepreneurs and artisans in the North Carolina marketplace, supporting artists and creators that are passionate about waste-recovery and environmental sustainability. The Scrap Exchange is a social enterprise, meaning that our retail presence creates a largely self-sustaining organization. The Scrap Exchanges collects donated materials from local businesses and individuals to allow for reuse and ultimately decrease Durham’s environmental impact.  Local artists and educators are able to source low cost and reduced cost materials and art supplies at the Scrap Exchange’s Reuse Arts Shop, former home and now new neighbor of the relocated Cameron Gallery. Support from their growing donor community has allowed the expansion of their mission, where both small and large individual donors, like Danny Cameron, for whom the Cameron Gallery is named, have been able to be both art patrons and environmental stewards.

Join Our Celebration!

Now, nearly thirty years later, The Scrap Exchange is celebrating the grand re-opening of The Cameron Gallery Art Marketplace, found in an extension of the gallery that now has a location at the Scrap Exchange that increases accessibility and encourages community involvement.  The exciting day of events will kick off with a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony the Cameron Gallery at noon on Saturday, February 22nd. Notable local figures and community leaders will be in attendance in support of the local artists and The Scrap Exchange, and the community is warmly invited to attend the event at their location at 2050 Chapel Hill Road, in Durham, NC. Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, The Scrap Exchange will host their official opening of the Cameron Art Gallery Marketplace. The event will feature a unique, interactive atmosphere for both the artisans and attendees. Finally, there will be Celebration Art Show and Reception from 4:00-7:00 pm featuring artists Joe McDonough and Patricia Cooke. Refreshments will be served during the event.