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**Now flexible to accommodate 7-12 year olds!**

The Scrap Exchange is excited to offer a series of weekly summer camps in June and July, 2015. Children are invited to participate as we develop young leaders, use our resources wisely, and learn hands-on creative skills – essentials in living an eco-smart life! Expect plenty of celebration, cooperation, and fun!

Executive Director Ann Woodward is thrilled to offer four weeks of vibrant summer programming for kids ages 7-12. “This is a chance for campers to learn lifelong skills and experience project-based collaborations through creative reuse,” she said. “Helping children learn to think outside of the box about the reusing of resource materials help bring us into a more sustainable future.”

The summer camp program is designed to embody The Scrap Exchange mission of promoting creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse while making use of all that the organization’s new campus has to offer. The new location includes an expanded Design Center, Make-n-Take Room, large outdoor space with basketball hoops, and a blossoming community garden.

All materials are sourced from local partners participating in the reuse revolution. Find the schedule and price that works for your family. Please contact Wendy Ziegler at outreach@scrapexchange.org about scholarship opportunities or to inquire about before and after care. All camps are held onsite at The Scrap Exchange, located at 2050 Chapel Hill Rd. in Durham.

Adventure Builders

June 15-19

Register online:  adventurebuilders.eventbrite.com

Design and develop an adventure playground at The Scrap Exchange! Campers will learn how to use everyday tools safely as they inventively install a permanent playspace together. Expect to play innovative games using our unique materials, create obstacle courses, and make the most of our colorful resources. We’ll work from the ground up with repurposed materials to ignite the power of play for years to come.


June 22-26

Register online:  ecoscouts.eventbrite.com

Care for the earth! Young reducers, reusers, and recyclers unite to improve our environment. Build birdhouses, craft rain barrels, learn to compost with worms, and begin gardening in creative containers from the Scrap Exchange. Make your own explorer gear for outdoor adventures (weaving, knots, ropes, lashing). Observe and draw plants and wildlife and blaze your own nature trail!

DIY Designers

July 13-17

Register online:  diydesigners.eventbrite.com

Do It Yourself! Make eco-conscious choices to create artful, functional items for everyday use. Gain hands-on skills like tying knots, sewing, knitting, weaving, fire-starting, building shelves, making simple repairs, and more. Learn how to improvise and be resourceful while crafting useful products for daily life!

Marketplace Makers

July 20-24

Register online:  marketplacemakers.eventbrite.com

Let’s invent something! Develop your big idea to answer the world’s need. Campers will learn from local experts and entrepreneurs how to develop an idea, construct the product model, make a plan, practice storytelling and persuasion, then take it to the public! A pitch event will take place at The Scrap Exchange for campers to strut their stuff.