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There is no reason the pandemic has to put the kibosh on your creativity. The Scrap Exchange is excited to provide you with Creative Classes Online! Below are just a few reasons why you should consider joining us for classes today (or whenever you want. We can do that now.)


Typically, you have to work around our schedule. If the class is at 4 p.m., you have to be in the classroom at that time. What about traffic? What about the kids? Who’s going to make dinner? What if you have to leave early. Even if you could stay for the entire class, those thoughts could distract you from getting valuable information. Now? No worries. You can get online at 3:59 p.m. or 3:59 a.m. It’s up to you! Take the class at the time of your peak creativity, with your hibiscus tea, green tea, or chai. We’re not picky.

Need a break, or something else needs your attention? Just push pause—no need to worry about disturbing other classmates or losing your spot as the teacher’s pet. No one will know.


Whether you are more creative when you are dressed like Miranda from Devil Wears Prada or Tom Cruise in Risky Business, you can come to class and get your reuse on. If you want to rock your sweater and your pajama bottoms, or not. Whatever. That is totally cool. Your cat can sit right next to you or your Scottish terrier. Play your favorite jazz or the entire soundtrack to Hamilton. We’re here for it. Virtually.

You may remember that there’s a scene in “Seinfeld” when Jerry tells George that wearing sweatpants is a sign that you’ve given up on life. That was before the advent of online classes. Now that velour tracksuit can be a sign that you are winning!


What about that friend or family member you love taking classes with or have never taken classes with because they are out of town? Problem. Solved. Now, location doesn’t matter. All they need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection. You can buy two seats for the class, two kits and send them one with the day and the time both of you can be on Facetime, Google Meet, Skype, or speakerphone. Connect over long distances in a whole new way!


Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused in class. Sometimes you’re exhausted. Other times the person next to you makes a weird symphony of sound when chewing gum. Sometimes there’s hustle and bustle going on outside across from the classroom. Sometimes there is one person who keeps asking questions and falling behind. Sometimes you are that person. And sometimes, your mind just wanders.

With your online class, you can wear noise-canceling headphones, and it’s a good thing. Yes, you can press play, pause, rewind, fast forward, or repeat. Over and over until you get everything you need to concentrate.


You can come out of this lockdown better than when it started. Sometimes the skills you can learn are apparent in the class’s name, and sometimes there are many more that develop simultaneously. Either way, you will come away with an improved arsenal of skills in your tool belt.

We are sure you can come up with your own reasons. We are just here to help. Check out our current listings and get started!