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It is not too late to show teachers that you appreciate them, even during a pandemic! Check out five ways the Scrap Exchange can help you show them that you care:

1. Buy Supplies

Teachers that are meeting in person still need supplies. Even in a pandemic, remind teachers that the community and the Scrap Exchange is their partner in education. Email your child’s teacher and see what they need. If they need some supplies, you are in luck! The Scrap Exchange provides great value in school, art, and office supplies as well as toys and books. Come in and take a look around!

2. Send Them To Class

Did you know that we provide online creative classes? Give your frontline teacher a much-needed creative outlet and gift them an online class! Check out our current listings with many more coming soon!

3. Get Them A eGift Card

If you child is meeting your teacher in person or online, an eGift card is always a great idea! You can purchase them online and send it via email in five minutes or less. Purchase it in lieu of supplies or so they can find a unique, one-of-a kind gift in our Artist’s Marketplace. The possibilities are endless and they are sure to be delighted.

Regardless of how, make sure you let an educator know that they are a rock star! Thank you, Teachers!!!