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We are happy to have those in need of court-mandated community service hours join us at The Scrap Exchange. Anyone looking to complete their hours with us must attend a community service orientation. Each orientation must be scheduled with the community engagement manager, Tatyana Kasperovich. You can reach Tatyana by email at volunteer@scrapexchange.org or by phone at (919) 401-0552.

At the orientation, you’ll learn about our history, our operations, and what we expect from volunteers. You’ll fill out some paperwork and discuss scheduling your first volunteer shift. Once you’ve completed a community service orientation, you can start completing your hours the following day!


Please note that we have policies regarding which offenses can be accepted. Individuals with the following charges are ineligible to complete their community service at The Scrap Exchange:

Assault / Battery, Aggravated Assault / Battery, Breaking and Entering, Burglary, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Domestic Violence, Harassment, Hate Crimes, Homicide, Indecent Exposure, Identity Theft, Kidnapping, Money Laundering, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting, Stalking, Theft / Larceny



If you are interested in completing your court-ordered community service at The Scrap Exchange, please bring paperwork that clearly states what you were charged with, the number of hours needed to complete your community service, and the date that they are due. Acceptable paperwork can be a letter, paper, or a placement form from your lawyer, case coordinator, probation officer, or the court system that was involved in your case.