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Share the Love!

We love the Love! You, our customers, staff, donors and volunteers are the reason that we have #ScrapMagic! In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to spread the love and share it with you. Here is what a few of you said:

You Love Us…

The list of reasons why The Scrap Exchange excites me is long. Helping our environment, not only by educating us about the reuse of materials, but by making that process a fun adventure. Providing an abundance of activities to bring out the creativity lurking in all of us. And maybe most important, contributing to world peace by bringing diverse people together and thereby building a spirit of community. I’ve always been a big fan of The Scrap and I am so excited that it now has its own home! 

Danny Cameron

You Love Us on Google…

This is the greatest place on Earth. You can find any assortment of art supplies and office supplies. There are all sorts of fun artistic classes that take place there. They get so much China that they sell for quarters. Every Black Friday you can go there and buy little things to smash on the cordoned off back porch.

Benjamin Gunn

Wow! It’s good, it’s a nice maze, full of surprises. Odds and ends galore. Be surprised every 10 steps, wait, no. Every three steps! Loved the experience. Yes, one of the floorings is made of actual maps of the world! Enjoy your imagination.

Jorge Soto

This place is like no other. It’s part thrift store, part art supply store, party miscellaneous things you didn’t know you needed store. I go here every few months to get supplies for various art projects I am doing – they have a great second hand fabric section and lots of scrapbooking supplies. They also have scientific beakers, particle board, wood scraps, yarn, kids craft supplies, and so on. You can walk out with two bags of stuff for less than $10 and it contains enough to keep you busy for days! In addition, they have an actual thrift store next door that has clothes, books, furniture, and other household items.

Heather Chandler

We Love Us…

Watching kids bring out their Make ‘n’ Take creations always makes me happy to see their creativity and growing awareness of how creative reuse can be fun and meaningful for our environment. Hearing newcomers on a walk through saying over and over again, “this place is amazing,” or hearing long-standing customers say, “this is my happy place,” is something I will never get tired of hearing. I feel proud to work for an organization that is so unique and treasured in our community. Seeing women from lots of different countries and cultures coming together each week to sew together and have social time is also very special to me; I’m grateful that we offer ways for diverse people to interact, make friends, and learn from each other. Helping customers find the one thing they came for, especially if they were headed out the door before I asked them if they found what they were looking for, gives me great satisfaction and joy. To know that I helped grow the public’s awareness of reuse, of what we offer if one knows where to look, and saved them the time and money of buying something new is very gratifying. The diverse and creative, even quirky, staff is another aspect that I love about working at The Scrap Exchange. The humor and caring that we often display makes it a more fun place to work.

An Amazing Team Member

I find the greatest joy of working at the scrap exchange is sharing the therapeutic nature of art in way that is accessible to everyone.

Another Amazing Staff Member

I have been shopping at The Scrap Exchange almost from the beginning. I have such wonderful memories of The Scrap Exchange providing my children with materials that fueled their creativity. I’m proud of our employee family and all that we do to foster reuse. I believe our volunteer program, our prices, and our long-term goals are incredibly important to the surrounding communities.

A Crazy Cool Employee

And We LOVE You Back…

We started blushing and gushing reading all this love and we decided we had to return the sentiment. So as a thank you and “love you” please text the word SCRAPLUV to (888) 803-1253 to get a coupon as our valentine. Thank you for all the love! We love you back!